At last, after painstakingly studying for years, you got that diploma but just as you thought the race has to come to an end, think again. You still have to look for a job and given the competition outside the university it will not be easy. Just like any competition, you must be prepared before jumping into the field and it always pays to get some advice from those who came before you especially those who have succeeded. In the field of job hunting Robert Gerbergis recognized worldwide as an authority in this field.
His invaluable contribution to the employment field has gained him international respect. Incorporating information technology into the job searching services is among the accomplishments of Robert Gerberg. This innovation came to be taking into consideration that the number of professionals looking for jobs is on the rise. Robert J. Gerberg Jr. to others has built his own company that concentrates on technology-aided job hunting. Aside from this, he has also stood out in many other areas that include legal services, search engine optimization, real estate and consumer and corporate sale.
His company, Advanced Career Technologies, Ltd. (ACT) is in the business for eighteen years now. ACT was built by Robert J. Gerberg Jr. with the help of several senior executives, human resources directors and some others who have knowhow on this field. The company gives assistance to executives and professionals looking for employment across the globe. The company takes advantage of the developments in information technology to improve job searching services. Aside from technology-based services for professionals looking for jobs, ACT also assists spouses of employees who transferred to other places and in the recruitment of executives. Robert J. Gerberg Jr. is the present Chief Executive Officer of ACT.
Gerberg is also a well-known author of books that discuss ways on making job hunting easier. He has also made audio and video materials about job searching. In fact, his book Easier Way to Change Jobs already sold more than five hundred copies in various countries. Among the other books he has authored were Sixty Letters Which Won New Jobs, The Professional Job Changing System, 15 New Rules for Job Hunting and many more. There are over seven million copies of his books distributed worldwide. The worldwide sales and distribution of his books proves that his opinions and suggestions, when it comes to looking for employment, actually work.

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Why Appoint a Abode Boat

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